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Tips for using our Florida Keys Island Search: 

When you are searching for Florida Keys Real Estate, here are some hints to make your search even easier!

1. If you want to be close to Miami and have easy access to big cities and their amenities, and Miami or Fort Lauderdale airports: Search Key Largo the uppermost Florida Keys, closest to the mainland.

2. When you want to have easy water access to both the bay side and the ocean side, be near great schools, and have your own plane under the house (TavernAero airport community): Search Tavernier/Plantation Key, also a gardeners delight!

3. If you love being away from it all, seeing the water on both sides of the highway and love fishing and being on the water: Search Windley Key and Upper and Lower Matecumbe in Islamorada, the fishing capital of the world!

4. If you like small neighborhoods off the beaten track and still be in the Upper part of the Keys:  Search Long Key/Layton (also look for Conch Key, and Grassy Key), hidden paradises in the Upper Keys!

5. If you want a family oriented spot with lots to do for everyone, want a lot of choices for short term vacation rental, or have your own plane: Search Marathon and Key Colony Beach, perfect for living in the middle of paradise!

6. If you are a nature lover, want lots of room to stretch in, and at the same time like being closer to Key West:Search Big Pine Key - miniature key deer...need we say more (also Summerland, Cudjoe, Sugarloaf, and Little Torch, Saddle Bunch, and Big Coppitt Keys)!

7. If you want the excitement of living in the Southernmost City in the United States and want to be close to everything: Search Key West (and Stock Island) - the southernmost points in the USA and home to a great nightlife!

8. If you are looking for investment commercial properties of all kinds like  store fronts, bars, restaurants, business opportunities, office buildings, resorts, retail, a multitude of small businesses, etc: Search for Commercial properties throughout the keys or narrow your search to certain areas.